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How to add Bluetooth to any car in under $20 in 5 minutes

So how do you add bluetooth to any car in under $15 ?

The answer is quite simple you can use this FM transmitter the only requirements are 1. An FM transmitter and two a radio that has FM on it however if you don't have a car with the ability to use FM radio station then I would be pretty surprised but there is another way you can use a Bluetooth to AUX transmitter I personally recommend this method because it is easier for non techie users but for the people that can't do this method I will go through a step by step process of adding Bluetooth to your vehicle/car so first thing is first you order the FM transmitter from the Buy on Amazon link below after that you plug it into your cigarette lighter within your car after which you set the station you want now you will want to set it on a un-used radio station this one in it self goes down to 87.5 MHz so you have that range to use in the united states in particular if my memory serves me right and it usually does the lowest band is 88.7 so anything below that you can use either way it will work. The FM transmitter used for this blob in particular has instructions


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