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Best Gaming Laptop On Amazon - XPC MSI GS65 Stealth

This monster of a gaming laptop XPC MSI GS65 Stealth Gamer Notebook

In this review we take a look of this beast of a gaming laptop the XPC MSI GS65 Stealth gaming laptop and might I say there is nothing stealthy about this monstrous performance we are talking 16GB of ram 2 terabytes of SSD that's 2024 GB of SSD let that sink in, and it also comes fitted with a I7-8750H processing unit to complement the insanely fast RTX 2060 Graphics Processing Unit which comes with 6GB of dedicated gaming ram so your basically looking at 20GB of ram total alone from those two combined. It has a full 15.6 inch HD display with a refresh rate of 144HZ. Enough said check out this gaming monstrosity on Amazon using the link below for more reviews.

Gaming laptop video review & Benchmark tests

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