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ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop, 17.3

Asus TUF Gaming Laptop with 17.3 inch display

This is a gaming laptop weighing only 6 pounds feature in an AMD Ryzen 7 Processor clocked at 3.7 GHz with a 17.3 inch display max resolution of 1920 by 1080 Pixels it has 8GB DDR4 Ram with a whopping 512GB SSD so extremely fast boot up time, it also has an AMD Radeon RX560X 4GB Dedicated.

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This is a bench mark of the previously mentioned computer on GTA 5

Is the Asus Tuff Gaming Laptop worth it ?

All in all the Asus Tuff Gaming Laptop is a premium laptop for an affordable price much like the Acer predator helios 300 this gaming laptop offers a quality experience for a good price for those of you looking to up your gear this laptop should do quite well. This gaming laptop also features a massive 17-inch display and if you have been following up on our reviews you know that we like big things, such a computer should be useful for watching movies on as well as gaming and with sturdy specs I recommend the Asus Tuff gaming laptop though its price is around 900 dollars. Some other key features of this gaming laptop include a 512GB solid-state drive or SSD and 8GB of ram so already looking really good on speed. One unique thing about this gaming laptop is the fact that it has dual fans with Anti Dust technology so you don't have to worry about dust clogging the ventilation for your laptop, and of course it comes with an RGB lit keyboard so yes this gaming laptop is in fact worth it though you might be able to find better deals for that price maybe with an extra TB of storage !


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