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What is the weirdest way someone became rich?

Danielle Bregoli became rich by being berrated and laughed at on tv, yes belive it or not this young girl 13 at the time became rich for being rude and boisterous she went on the dr phil show and with her infamous phrase catch me outside how bout that when the audience began to boo her cemented her place in the internet as not only a meme but a rich meme with a networth of 4 million dollars



Sooubway is a word derived from subway which is a fast food sandwich company based in the United States of America. The word is most notably used in a video by the TheOdd1sOut which is a channel famous for miss spelling words whether purposely or not and funny - entertaining-animation


Everything you need to know about the Coronavirus



Coronavirus USA | Potential 200000 casualties

Its being announced that experts predict up to 200,000 people that could loose there lives the sad fact however is that this number is extremely conservative. This number represents the best case scenario if everybody followed social distancing to the teeth but same states like Florida have not even made it mandatory and other states have only partially implemented such measures. The president had hoped to re open the country early Easter but backed out of that decision after further thought and now the country is set to re open at the end of April. the epicenter of Covid19 cases is in new york city un surprisingly this is not only due to the high condensation of people but the high amount of people travel in and out of new york. Another problem states are facing is the lack of ventilators some states have requested as much as 40,000 but so far have received next to nothing many people are criticizing the president for not invoking the war time presidential power called the Defense Production Act which is an Act that allows the president to compel various companies to make equipment that the country requires so far the president has only ordered GM to start and experts say it may take up to two months to really get production going. We here at SliderBlob are saddened by the current situation but are doing our part to insure the security and safety of the people around us by social distancing, and we hope that you doing the same.


What should I know before going to Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country, but as a Jamaican my self I can tell you it can be dangerous to go there without knowing the overall culture and the political and economical situation in Jamaica, it is a country that as of 2019 has had a murder rate of over 50 per hundred thousand and when I use to live there. I could personally say that there was a shooting every week in Old Harbor which is one of the more peaceful parts of the country, the reason for this is partially due to the culture of Jamaica, if you listen to the music...


What do you guys think about this video jefree star

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Is the carolina anole a chameleon

The carolina anole is a lizard found in florida which is one dead giveaway that the anole is NOT a chameleon because chameleons are not native to the americas they are infact found in Africa. Like chameleons anoles can change color however chameleons can change to pink, red, blue, turquoise, or yellow etc, anole's however can only change from bright green to all kinds of shades of brown so there is a distinctive difference.


Blob fish an alien fish.

The Blob fish or scientific name Psychrolutes marcidusis a fish that does not look like its from earth, this fish is poisonous to eat but is still endangered because of human fishing techniques such as trawling. They get put under extreme pressure in there natural habitation as they stay thousands of feet below sea level


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