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Horizon Zero Dawn PATCH 1.05 Improves Graphic & Game Quality

The Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.05 patch notes summarized : Issues fixed includes virtual ram over load, this would cause the game to crash due to a lack of free ram, also fixed crashes due to various antiviruses, and issues related to the launch app steam was also fixed and issues related to the NetPresenceManager was also fixed.


New discoveries 2020 - Cure for Cancer | 5G | Technology

This blob contains various technology discoveries of 2020 including the cure for cancer , 5G wireless technology and much more you wont believe the amount of discoveries made


an untitled goose game - everything you need to know

The Untitled Goose Game is a phenomenom of a game and the overall goal of the game seems to be playing as a goose that terrorize an English town it seems to be a sandbox style game, that is "family friendly" so no gore or violence check it out at https://goose.game/


Coronavirus Should we be scared

The Coronavirus is a virus that originated in Wuhan china this virus is capable of human to human transmission and is believed to be transmittable during the incubation period or the time before symptoms occur. The virus also originated from animals and is known to cause respiratory illness. Ok now for what you have being waiting for should you be scared ? The answer is yes and no this is potentially fatal to about 10% of people some sources put this number higher at 20% but anybody with a healthy immune system should be able to get over the virus relatively easy in particul


What is endemism definition and examples

The word endemism refers to a species that is unique to a specific geographical area the word endemism comes from the word endemic which refers to a limited group or particular area. There is a large number of animals that are endemic and the cause of animals becoming endemic sometimes have a lot to do with people whether hunting or destroying there natural habitat those actions can cause animals to become endemic to a particular region, the other issue perhaps the animal simply was not introduced to any other region or their food supply dwindled due to natural causes. Another factor to consider is the possibility of an invasive species capitalizing on the animal itself to its food supply these are all things that could cause an animal to become endemic to a certain region some examples of animals that are endemic can be found in this list.


The iphone 11 pro durability test

how durable is it?


What is Life in the Army Like?

Here I am going to try and keep it breif. Life in the Army can be much like a civilian job but that depends a lot on your chain of command and your MOS or job if you are not military inclined. A basic job routine is PT or training from 0630 to 0730 after that you eat food and chill till 0900 where you gotta be at work or where ever the place of duty is for that day. then you work till 5 pm after which you are off for the rest of the day. Remember though don't do anything illegal what so ever where military or civilian cause you could get the boot



Sooubway is a word derived from subway which is a fast food sandwich company based in the United States of America. The word is most notably used in a video by the TheOdd1sOut which is a channel famous for miss spelling words whether purposely or not and funny - entertaining-animation


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