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The American Civil War Over Simplified Part 2 video

This is a video of the American Civil War documented and simplified

Bank robbery in Michigan 2 suspects at large

on Sept 30 2019 a chase bank in Michigan was robbed, the two suspects are still being chased by police . It is said that they got away in a tan ford escape.


Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau

Google is celebrating the 218th birthday of Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau , who has previously been described as the "father of the film". But who was the plateau, and how did he achieve this magnificent title? The son of an artist who specializes in making floral paintings, Plateau was born in 1801 in Brussels. Described as a young "eccentric" by his son-in-law and biographer Gustaf van der Mainsbrugh, he developed a keen interest in physics at an early

The American Civil War Over Simplified Part 1 video

This is a video to explain the american civil war


Jaden Hossler Bryce Arrested

Jaden Hossler & Bryce Hall has being arrested in connection with drug use. for those of you un ware these are both tik tok stars according to sources they were charged in connection with the drug marijuana or weed less than two ounces and posted bail at 5000 dollars however hossler had connection with a controlled substance which is a felony and has a 6500 bail


Karate kid actor Robert Garrison died at 9/27/2019

The karate kid actor who played Tommy has died at age 59. The cause of death is related to kidney and liver issues. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in west virginia. staying for over 30 days till his organs shutdown. He was well respected and no doubt played apart in many of the viewers here childhoods. Rest in Peace Garrison your legacy will not be forgotten


Yorktown tour pictures

We went to yorktown and here are some historical pictures


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